Sophia Editing, LLC

I’ve started a business called Sophia Editing, LLC, and I can now be reached for a spectrum of editing services at! A dedicated website is under development.

Let’s work together to transform your project into a publication.

Your research and criticism deserve the highest quality presentation, regardless of the pressures of caregiving, a teaching-focused position, or working multiple jobs. Let Sophia Editing, LLC support you, whatever you do with your hard-earned credentials. Whether you need a conceptual sounding board, organizational advice, line editing, or proofreading, Sophia Editing, LLC can develop a customized plan that serves your priorities as well as your schedule and budget.

Editing philosophy:

Organized in accordance with feminist, anti-racist, and queer values, as well as trauma-awareness, Sophia Editing, LLC offers reasonable rates as well as a sliding fee scale. Adjuncts receive an automatic 25% discount.

The editorial philosophy is process-oriented and acknowledges that each writer works differently and that every text involves power relations. Since no editor’s perspective is universal, clients’ writing styles and differences of opinion are respected as situated knowledge, and their texts are engaged with on their own terms.

About me (Carolyn):

The responsibilities of teaching, service, and caregiving can make it difficult to protect one’s writing time. Today’s academic authors need support, which is why I’ve worked hard to become the editor I wish to see in the world. An award-winning writer and former tenure-track professor, I have been supporting fellow writers for more than fifteen years. As an undergraduate and graduate student, I worked in writing centers as a tutor/consultant and led dissertation-writing groups. I have taught numerous university-level writing classes, co-edited special issues of scholarly journals, and provided academic peer-review. Most recently, I have begun publishing for the popular press in journalism venues such as Ms. Magazine and The Real News Network.

My scholarly expertise is deeply interdisciplinary, with specializations including:

  • cultural studies
  • critical theory
  • feminist, queer, and anti-racist studies
  • cinema and media studies
  • science and technology studies
  • humanities and humanistic social sciences
  • arts (particularly music, both popular and classical, including notation)

Services offered:

  • copyediting
  • proofreading
  • developmental editing
  • acquisitions editing (freelance)
  • proposals
  • job application documents

Please note that I do not offer services on student assignments such as essays, term papers, or theses.

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